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Yaotome Hikaru:)

Ahh, I'm currently addicted to Yaotome Hikaru, Watching Kinpachi Sensei makes me think why he doesn't have more acting roles!! Ah, can't wait for his new drama to come out.

For now:


omg, omg, kawaii!!!!!!


The spam of cute pictures.

First up, Usagi

Then, chibi nino and aiba

Next, chibi ryo

then, chibi kamiki

and a chibi ryosuke

There's lots more, but that's all for now :D

Arashi's Love rainbow pv

I finished translating my first video this morning!!! (at 5+am)
Turned out to be Arashi's 'Love rainbow' pv.
I haven't moved the subs to the video and when i ran a search just then,  i saw a subbed version that was uploaded at 12+am.
I was kinda shocked. but happy cuz i don't have to spend time making a subbed one tonight. And i might be wrong anyways.
guess what i did was in vain..
I'll just keep it then.

to end it of--

i realized Aiba is actually a quiet person. He'll only respond if someone asks him something.

I wish i had 5 brothers like these.


VS Arashi 101

My favorite episode of VSArashi!!!
Ryo x Arashi. The best combination!!

Aimiya moments:D

Aiba's shocked face at the end was a treat>>

Plus, +++

I'm gonna search for more moments.


Should I? or should i not?

Ahh.. I just ran a search and it seems that Yankee-kun to Megane-chan ep3 is quite blurry. I started subbing the first few minutes 2 months ago?
And then i urm.. forgot about it. I'm wondering if i should sub it again? Hmm.. I'll translate it from another language. I still don't understand japanese:(
It'll be my 1st subbed work (if i finish);)
Back to catching up on school work~~ My internet's suddenly slow..


I forgot to add the little kiddos:)
that includes Yaotome Hikaru, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri and Yamada Ryosuke.
And of course, actors and actresses like.. uh..
Shida Mirai, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Hongo Kanata and plenty more..
Reason being.. I'm too influenced by dramas:D hahahaXD


Time for a ryo pic:


Yes, I love JE pairings!!!
1.nino and ohno
2.nino and aiba
3.ryo and yamashita
and it may increase.
In other words, i like ninomiya kazunari, aiba masaki and nishikido ryo.
For starters, a picture of nino and aiba!!:)


I've given up.

I've finally given up.
In order to download videos, I've finally given in to creating a lifejournal account.
Reason being... Ehh.. I don't understand Japanese!!!!
Yes. That's my frustration. That's why i have to resort to subbed videos..
I want to learn, but....
I can't help it if i don't have money, can't I?
Guess I'll try and learn as i watch more and more subbed videos.